What people say about our retreats

“I really liked how organized the events are, how friendly everyone is.”

“Lots of hard work went into this weekend. I appreciate your efforts!”

“I throughout enjoyed it and would not change a thing about it.”

“Moved along at a good pace.”

“Highly informative. Very Inspirational. Heartwarming”

II felt a strong connection to everyone I met.”

“Learning anything is possible!”

“Everyone was so happy to answer questions about how they got there, what they did, and how they lived.”

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The Food

“The Food – Fabulous!”

“Outrageously delicious!”

“Good Food – Warm People. A creative open environment.”

“Awesome! Can I borrow your cooks for a while?”

The Farm and Ecovillage Tour

“The tour gave me a good idea of what The Farm is about and its accomplishments.”

“Finally I saw all the methods I had only read and dreamed about.”

“Almost overwhelming.”

“The most encouraging experience I’ve had toward living my dreams.”

Midwifery Workshop

“So confident and wise.”

The Farm School

“Great discussion and insight into the functioning of the school.”

“Producing great results.”

Starting a Small Business Workshop

“As with all his lectures, Doug was captivating and engaging. He is a natural speaker and very good at organizing his thoughts and message. I took away a lot from this workshop.”

“I liked getting a few business ideas. helpful.” “Possible and viable.”


“A very entertaining night.” “The music was phenomenal!”

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Douglas is also available for lectures and speaking engagements.

From Belmont University:
“Your talk was both inspiring and informative.”
“We loved your talk and hope to have you back on campus soon!”
“Thank you for coming to speak with us. It was wonderful.”
“I really appreciate your engaging conversation with us.”
“Thanks a bunch! It was an awesome talk!”
“Very interesting, informative and thorough.”
” You are truly inspiring! Thank you so much.”

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