What people say about our food

b_squash_soup Fabulous!”

“Outrageously delicious!”

“Good Food – Warm People. A creative open environment.”

“Awesome! Can I borrow your cooks for a while?”

Your vegan workshop I attended has touched my inner person down deep where the spirit of one’s self lives and breathes. I am grateful for the gift which you have given.

Though I came with great expectations they were exceeded in what I have been given to take home with me. More than cuisine, the rich flavor of the weekend was tasted in the delightful fellowship found in a warm kitchen with kindred spirits.

Discussion of philosophy wrapped itself around apricot tofu. Farm history mingled with blueberry wine while vegan chocolate melted into my very soul.

I am touched way down deep within my being where few things have found a place.The Farm has anchored itself here in my spirit. I hope it never lets go.
Lynn, Iowa

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