The Community Center

The Farm Community CenterThe Community Center is a focal point for many activities of Farm life, from community dinners to parties, weddings, as well as for meetings, conferences and workshops.

It is also an example of green building.

Virtually all of the framework is constructed from recycled lumber.

The wide and expansive interior is made possible through recycled steel beams which support the ceiling and roof. The interior recycled hardwood floor came from a gym.

The external brick came from a factory we demolished back in 1974. 

Community Dinner during a Farm Experience can give you a chance to meet a lot of Farm members and hear their stories.

The factory was located about an hour’s drive east from The Farm in a town called Pulaski, known in history books as the birthplace of the Klu Klux Klan. To its credit, the town has stopped the current Klan from holding rallies there and it is better known today for its small, private university.

The factory property had been purchased by a local bank which needed the space for a parking lot. It was right in the center of town and the massive hippie work crews were on display daily for town residents, which helped solidify our reputation for hard work among our Tennessee neighbors.

When the demolition project was complete, the bank held a banquet in our honor.


Cedar is naturtally bug and rot resistant.

When you come to The Farm , you’ll have the opportunity to check out the re-surfaced deck on our Community Center.

The old deck was built from treated wood back in the 80’s and sun damage had caused it to splinter and crumble.

The work on the new deck was accomplished with volunteer labor on a community work day. The locally harvested cedar was purchased from a nearby Amish saw mill. It smells great!

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