Q & A: Bringing Children to The Farm Experience Weekends

I would like to attend a Farm Experience weekend with my daughter. What is there for children to do? Will my child be able to stay with me in any workshops or is there workshops she can attend?

Generally speaking, children stay with us through the various activities. A lot depends on the age and the interest of the child. Overall we are a very kid friendly community.

For very young children, it can work best if parents/partners take turns entertaining their youngster, taking them to another room or outside if the child becomes loud or disruptive, such as during a slide show presentation.

During indoor activities and workshops, I try to have some age appropriate things for them to do, like drawing paper, crayons and colored pencils. Depending on the location, the child may also prefer to go outside and play. For example, I have the ingredients and necessary apparatus to make giant bubbles.

Saturday morning we drive around The Farm for the tour, then later in the morning join the community for the open air market. There are often other children around and there is an elevated clubhouse with a slide and swing there. The market is adjacent to The Farm Store for snacks and drinks.

The afternoons usually consist of a tour of the Ecovillage Training Center followed by one or two workshops.

When bringing a child or children, it is usually best to stay flexible. Please feel free to contact me if you have any specific questions.


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