Muscadine Harvest – Muscadine Wine

Muscadines are a native species of grape in the south and don’t develop the fungus, mildews and molds that other grape varieties do in our climate. For example, Concord grapes require a lot of sprays. Their leaves are devoured by Japanese Beetles, but for the most part the beetles do not bother the Muscadines. Oh and did I say that Muscadines have an incredible flavor?

Muscadines on the vine
Our community Brewer’s Coop just planted 300 vines that should start producing in a few years.
The vineyard above is a few miles down the road and is about 6 years old.
The owner of the vineyard ran the grapes through his hand powered crusher, and then placed the mashed grapes and juice in gallon size plastic freezer bags. I put this batch in the freezer after I got home, saving them until later when I am ready to make my next batch of wine.

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