May 18-20, 2018 Sustainability and Community Conference

Celebrating 45+ Years in Community!
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Come to The Farm  Community in Summertown, TN to set your course for the future, Life in Community!


Our conference in partnership with the Fellowship of Intentional Communities,
this gathering is a  unique opportunity to tour:

  • Green Homes of all types
  • Sustainable Food Production
  • Over 89 KW in Solar Installations


  • Alternative Education
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Land Trusts
  • Community Business
  • Midwifery
  • and so much more. 

Registration $175 per person / Students $125

  • includes meals (Fri supper – Sun brunch)
    (Each registrant is asked to bring a specific food item to contribute.)

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Lodging Rates

Click here to register online or mail your check to:
Village Media Services / Douglas Stevenson
PO Box 259, Summertown, TN 38483

Solar Schoola t The Farm Community Summertown TN

The Solar School

Bring some food to share, an open mind, ideas, and enthusiasm.

Change your life…Change the world!

Douglas Stevenson

Click here to see a tentative schedule

Green Homes & Ecovillage Tours

  • The Deltec home

    The Deltec Home

    Straw Bale, Deltec, Earth Shelter, Cob, Cordwood

  • Passive Solar, Clay Slip, Log Cabin, Amish Cabins
  • Insulating Concrete Form, Domes, Earth Bag
  • Solar Showers, Solar Power
  • Local Harvest Lumber, Recycled Wonders

Homes and buildings of all shapes and sizes, with gorgeous examples of alternative construction.

Sustainable Food Production

  • The Community Garden

    The Community Garden

    Community Garden Tours

  • Seasonal Fruit – Strawberries, Blackberries, Blueberries, Raspberries, Apples, Figs
  • Bees and Insect Management
  • Beans, Corn, Squash, Sweet Potatoes, Onions, Garlic, Carrots, Melons and more!

This is not commercial farming, but food grown and consumed by the families who live here.


Big Swan Headwaters Preserve

Big Swan Headwaters Preserve

Land Trusts

  • Learn about the Land Trust Document that protects the community’s land base
  • Over 1000 acres of The Farm’s 1750 acres are undeveloped forest.
  • Big Swan Headwaters Preserve – Another 1475 acres surrounding the community is owned by Swan Trust, a nonprofit land trust founded by Farm members.
  • Hike scheduled for Sunday afternoon
deb couple

Deborah Flowers (left), Farm Midwife leads the Introduction to Midwifery workshop.

*Workshops include:

  • An Introduction to Midwifery
  • Alternative Education
  • Conflict Resolution & Nonviolent Communication
  • The Spiritual Path
  • Health & Diet
  • Starting a Small Business
  • and so much more.

*workshops subject to change

Saturday evening: Community Dinner

A celebration mixer that brings the community together.  Not to be missed!

Music, Music, Music

Music has always been a very big part of The Farm Community, serving as a communion for bring people and generations together,


Tentative Schedule   *subject to change

5 PM Friday – Opening Circle
6 PM Dinner
7 PM Opening Presentation: Preparing for the Future, Community as the path to Sustainability

7 AM Yoga
8 AM Breakfast
9 AM Green Home Tour / Food Production Tour

Noon Lunch

1 PM Midwife Workshop / Starting a Community Business Workshop
2 PM Ecovillage Training Center Tour
3 PM Alternative Education Workshop / Conflict Resolution – Mediation – Nonviolent Communication
4 PM Open Space
6 PM Community Barbecue with music


8:30 AM Breakfast
9:30 AM Spirituality – The Glue of Community
10:30 Meditation with Farm Members
11 AM Sharing Circle
Noon Closing Circle

The Farm Communities Conference May 26-28, 2017
Registration $175 per person
includes meals (Fri supper – Sun brunch)
(Each registrant is asked to bring a specific food item to contribute.)


See below for questions people ask, and answers.

The Farm Community Center

Our Community Center, our location for community dinners, parties, weddings and meetings, and this event!

Ecovillage Training Center

The Ecovillage Training Center, with many examples of alternative construction and technologies.

The Meeting Hall Dome, a massive recycled steel structure located adjacent to The Farm Store.

The Meeting Hall Dome, a massive recycled steel structure located adjacent to The Farm Store.

Attendees in conversation with Farm members.

Attendees in conversation with Farm members.

Question: I’m looking for info on how this conference works with children since I saw child prices. Do they just attend workshops with parents? What accommodations work for children?

It really depends on the age of the children.

Generally speaking the kids come with us on the tour of the community.

For workshops, ideally both parents attend the conference, allowing them to switch off if need be.

The community is very child friendly. No one gets upset over crying babies or kids that need a nap or just some attention.

Behind the Community Center where we will be hosting the event, there is a playground area. There is play equipment under the dome adjacent to our store. There is a third playground in another location.

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