Conflict Resolution and Consensus: A Weekend With Laird Schaub October 25-27, 2013

Laird Schaub is one of the leading experts in group facilitation, whether its in helping groups deal with internal conflict and breakdowns in communication, or in helping them achieve better agreement and move forward through utilization of the consensus decision making process.

His work in group process is rooted in 39 years of intentional community living--all with a group that makes decisions by consensus.

In addition, he has been actively involved with consensus-based network organizations for 33 years and a professional process consultant for 26 years.

"It is my view that there is no more intensive way to learn and practice group skills than to live in intentional community, where a person is called upon to grow in the work every day (not just after work on Tuesdays and Thursdays, or for an afternoon every other Saturday)."


Laird Schaub

Join us for an intense, information filled weekend, where we tackle the most important dynamics in human relations. If you work with groups any size or organizational structure, you will benefit from the lessons to be learned, built from decades of experience, that Laird has to share.

Douglas Stevenson

Laird has been centrally involved with the Fellowship of Intentional Community (FIC) since its reinvigoration in 1987, and been its main administrator the last two decades.


Perhaps the most powerful aspect of my approach to group dynamics is that I encourage people to welcome the full range of human responses.

This expressly includes non-rational input

  • emotional
  • intuitive
  • spiritual

In recognition that people know, process, and transmit information in a wide variety of ways. I take the view that dispassionate, linear thinking is only one way this is accomplished, and it's crippling to a group to insist that everything be considered in that format. In particular, people in our culture tend to mistrust or be fearful of strong emotional response.

There is valuable energy in emotions that can be directed toward solving the problems instead of being used to bludgeon or manipulate.

People cannot do their best thinking and until they first feel heard.

Allowing a person a full expression of their input makes it possible for them move to another position

Wherever possible, my preference is to apply the theory directly to actual issues and dynamics currently present in a group--whatever they are. For purposes of teaching the concepts, the nastier the issues the better (after all, if what I have to offer doesn't help with the tough problems, why bother?).

It typically works well for me to start out by simply observing the group in action, where it is discussing something challenging. That way I can get a first-hand sense of what is going on and what some of the underlying issues and tendencies are. Also, it makes possible my tying the theory to direct observations of the group, which tends to give the information more life.

Another possibility is to spend time looking at the nature of conflict and the advantages of moving away from the traditional view of conflict as an indicator of ill health in the group. Instead, I can show you how to work with conflict as an opportunity for gaining leverage on knotty problems.

Another angle I can bring to the work is deep experience in community structure and agreements. At this point I know which issues groups must wrestle with (sooner or later) and the variety of ways that others have already worked out solutions.

Finally, I am a experienced facilitator who specializes in up-tempo, inclusive meetings.

This workshop will include a range of teaching strategies, including:

  • training
  • demonstration
  • coaching

Registration $300 per person Students $225
includes camping (Fri & Sat)
includes meals (Fri supper - Sun breakfast)
(Each registrant is asked to bring a specific food item to contribute.)

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Laird Schaub