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Your host for the GreenLife Retreats


Douglas is the host for the GreenLife Retreats and workshops that take place throughout the year.

They highlight the joys and and challenges of life in community, sustainability, spirituality and the lessons learned through his 40+ years with the The Farm.


Doug Deb Jody

Douglas Stevenson became a member of The Farm Community in 1973, arriving with his high school sweetheart Deborah Flowers when they were both 19.





Douglas radioDouglas, Deborah and their two children spent 2 years in Guatemala (’78 – ’80) with Plenty International, doing relief work after a devastating earthquake.

Douglas served as a radio technician for the group of volunteers, providing the daily communications link back to The Farm in Tennessee.


tikalIn 1980 he started Village Media, a small business based on The Farm that provides video, web and other communications services for companies and nonprofits throughout the U.S., such as state-wide video communications networks for Bell South in Tennessee and Sprint in Florida.

In the late 1980’s he spent three months in Nigeria installing satellite systems for a television station and a hotel.

Video work sent Douglas to former Soviet Republic of Belarus, and down to New Orleans after Katrina.

Douglas is also a published author with three books, including two about The Farm Community. Over 1000 articles have appeared in a variety of national and international newsstand magazines.

Ready for a change, in 2000 Douglas and Deborah became active again in the nonprofit sector, again serving as volunteers for Plenty International, this time in Belize. Deborah taught midwifery to Mayan women from 10 villages scattered through the mountainous region.

Douglas used his time there to assist a Mayan village eco-tourism association in marketing and promotion.

(left) Douglas and Deborah rest outside a cave in Belize.

Returning to the States, he became the president of Swan Conservation Trust, and signed the note purchasing land that established the 1475 acre Big Swan Headwaters Preserve. He serves as the organization’s principle fundraiser in a capital campaign to raise over 1 million dollars.

After 9/11, Douglas became a founding member of PeaceRoots Alliance and served for a number of years on its board of directors.

He used his skills in graphic design and media to create anti-war and pro-peace billboards which have appeared in over 200 locations throughout the country..

Another company latest project was a documentary profiling 10 Intentional Communities across the United States.

Douglas has served on The Farm Community ’s board of directors for 6 years and for 8 years as The Farm’s “Manager,” supervising community projects, maintenance and improvements to the infrastructure while also serving as the community’s public relations spokesperson.

He documents life on The Farm through a monthly e-newsletter called Farm Fresh. (subscribe)

You can learn more details about Douglas and his life on The Farm through his web site and two new books, Out to Change the World and The Farm Then and Now.

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