Green Homes and Buildings on The Farm

It's only logical that much of the focus and discussion on sustainability is centered around housing. The definition of "green building" can be very broad, and it can be both inspiring and eye opening to see what constitutes "green" construction.

In an effort to live in a more sustainable way, we all make compromises, doing what we can to make responsible and at the same time practical choices, decisions affected by both our pocketbook and our situation.

cabin front
My log cabin, one of many
green homes on The Farm.

Here on The Farm many of the homes were constructed during the 70's, when working with recycled building materials was both an ideological choice and an economic necessity. Over the decades we have continued to build on and improve our living situations. Below are just a few of the Green examples you will see when visiting for a Farm Experience.

deltec The Deltec
A kit home, called the greenest home in America by the manufacturer
earth shelter The Earth Shelter
Using the earth's thermal mass
with solar gain.
Includes a 4.2 KW solar array.
recycled The Recycled Home

Framing, siding, windows, doors, flooring cabinets, decking and more...all recycled!

The Log Cabin

Built from a recycled cabin from Nashville and locally harvested timbers.

This home is a duplex with both families sharing one electric meter, one heating and cooling system and all home improvement expenses.


ICF - Insulated Concrete Form

The finished product is virtually
tornado and earthquake proof.

ICF buildings have R values of up to R26, and go up fast, saving on labor costs.

The Community Center

The Community Center

Recycled brick, steel , and wood
A cedar deck

unity center

The Unity Center

Locally harvested, post and beam, timber frame construction and poplar siding

solar panels

Solar Photovoltaics

There are several solar photo voltaic installations inside the community. The largest produces 69 kilowatts of power.


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