A Handbook for Sanity

It is not a real stretch for me to say the world is a crazy place and it seems to be getting more out of control with every passing year. The question becomes, “What can we do to establish and hold on to our own personal sanity when coming up against forces beyond our control?”
You are the navigator in a lifeboat on a stormy sea. You may be alone, or you may be the person responsible for those in your care and dependent upon you for leadership, clear thinking and guidance. Zen master Suzuki Roshi once said, Life is like stepping on to a ship that is going out to sea and sink. You had better enjoy the trip!”
Just like there are steps you can take to insure good physical health, there are specific things you can do to foster good mental health and personal wellbeing. There are actions you can perform that will produce tangible results and will give you the clarity you need to make good decisions in times of personal crisis, avoid self-destruction, and ultimately create a life that fills you with deep satisfaction, feeling fulfilled.
Once you understand that life is a journey, it becomes up to you to do your best to ensure that each step you take carries you forward.

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