GreenLife Retreats

Retreats designed to inspire and assist you
in taking the next step in fulfilling your vision and goals.

Sufi Dance Weekend

As we dance and sing in unison, an uplifting energy connects our hearts to one another
and to the essence within us.

The Conference on Sustainability and Community

Set your course for the future, Life In Community! Green Homes Tour, Sustainable Food Production, 90+ KW in Solar Installations, Land Trusts, Midwifery and so much more.

Organic Gardening Intensive

Get hands-on experience and the confidence to get started on your own!
Visit permaculture homesteads and gardens, including Amish country.

Come celebrate the harvest, a time of inner reflection and setting goals.

2018 Calendar

retreatsMay 4-6  Awakening Heart: Yoga, Kirtan, and Dances of Universal Peace
As we dance and sing in unison, the vibrations from our voices and musical instruments become as one. There is an uplifting energy present that connects our hearts to one another and to the essence within us. It is a very powerful spiritual experience and an incredible way to create a heart connection and build a sense of community. 

dances of universal peace

May 18-20 The Conference on Community and Sustainability
Co-sponsored by the Fellowship of Intentional Communities (FIC), this weekend is an immersion in all things community and achieving a lifestyle in line with the values of sustainability. One of our most popular events that promises to be even greater this year!
organic gardening intensive
June 4-17 The Organic Gardening Intensive
With this 4 day intensive, we’ll garden every morning and you’ll get the hands-on experience and gain the confidence to get started on your own. In the afternoons we'll visit Permaculture homesteads, take a trip out to Amish country, and see other gardens and gardeners inside The Farm Community.
We will have a special focus on beekeeping. Everyone will don a bee suit, go in a hive and harvest honey!


Oct 19-21 Farm Experience Weekend
Fall Colors and a Fire Circle: Always a jam packed weekend. A time of reflection and introspection.
Watch the video.
/ Farm Experience in Photos

Workshops and Presentations

Green Homes and Ecovillage Tour

Green Homes and Ecovillage Tour

Straw Bale, Deltec, Earth Shelter, Cob, Cordwood Passive Solar, Clay Slip, Log Cabin, Amish Cabins, Insulating Concrete Form, Domes, Earth Bag, Solar Showers, Solar Power, Living Roofs, Local Harvest Lumber, Recycled Wonders. Homes and buildings of all shapes and sizes, with gorgeous examples of alternative construction.
Starting a Small Business

Starting a Small Business

Generating an income is essential no matter where you live. The Farm has been an incubator for entrepreneurs and over the years we have seen what types of skills and companies sustainable incomes.
Spiritual Midwifery

Spiritual Midwifery

Countless people have learned about and been drawn to The Farm by its midwifery program and services. Virtually all retreats include an Introduction to Midwifery workshop. Whether you come as a prospective or current mother, grandmother, basic curiosity or interest in pursuing the path of midwifery, this workshop has something to offer you.

A Direct Experience of Sustainability & Community

  • Recharge your energy!
  • Establish a path to greater health and happiness

  • Based on The Farm Community in Tennessee, you are surrounded by nature and the energy that comes from the power of a shared vision, a unique environment for change and growth.

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